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What Are You Smoking?

Jan 31, 2018

Leafly news editor and co-host of The Roll-Up podcast Ben Adlin joins Jeremiah and Will to talk about what's happening in California following the first month of adult recreational legalization. 

What's changing in one of North America's most mature cannabis markets following legalization, and how will those changes...

Jan 24, 2018

Leafly's chief scientist, Nick Jikomes, joins Will and Jeremiah to discuss the latest in scientific research surrounding cannabis.

What questions are researchers asking? What problems do scientists face when studying cannabis? What role could cannabis play in helping to stem the opioid epidemic? 

This episode, you'll...

Jan 18, 2018

Will, Jeremiah, and Bailey explain how Leafly's cannabis experts rate strains. Learn what goes into a test, what factors are taken into account during a review, and how our panel comes together on a final number for the strains we rates. And, of course, what those numbers mean and how they can help you choose a...

Jan 11, 2018

The crew makes their predictions for what 2018 will bring to the world of cannabis, including: a growing divide between craft cannabis and big concerns, a continuing shift in demographics, and a major expansion among home growers.

Jeremiah, Bailey, and Will also share what products they want to see more of in the new...