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What Are You Smoking?

Nov 9, 2018

Shavo Odadjian is best known as the bassist for System of a Down, but he's also an avid smoker and cannabis connoisseur. This weekend, Shavo makes his entry to the industry with the launch of 22Red, a new line that's part fashion brand, part music label, and part cannabis brand.

We talked about System of a Down's first visit to Amsterdam, which was blessed by an impromptu smoke session with famed strain hunter Arjan Roskam. We also learned what strains Shavo is excited to share with California cannabis consumers, including Church Weed, a frankincense-scented strain that smells like Sunday service.

And of course, we also found out what Shavo and our hosts are smoking these days, including the novel cannabinoid Delta 8 THC.