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What Are You Smoking?

Mar 18, 2019

We're taking the show on the road for our first live recording of What Are You Smoking from SXSW from beautiful—but cannabis unfriendly—Austin, Texas. This week's episode sees What Are You Smoking all stars Amanda Reiman (VP of community relations for FlowKana), J.J. O'Brien (VP of PAX Era) and Sarah Hanlon (co-host of Leafly's The High Life podcast) join Will for a conversation about the fractured nature  of the current cannabis industry and how it is shaping the future of legal cannabis markets worldwide, intentionally or not.

This great, hour-long panel conversation also touches on how banking issues make it more difficult to pay everyone from trimmers to budtenders,  the ways that big investors are poised to change the nature of legal cannabis, and the importance of current consumers voting with their dollars to support the kinds of companies they want to see.